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We are an independent jeweler specializing in New and Estate Jewelry, Diamonds, Gemstones, Pearls, Gold, Silver and Alternative Metals. We offer a full range of styles, classic, best sellers, semi mount, custom designs, trend setting and one of a kind pieces. After sixty-eight years of serving Pittsburgh our customers are more like family. Our mission is to create the perfect piece of the highest quality at the best price possible for all of your special occasions.

Our brick and mortar store also offers a full service repair shop. Services include everything from minor repairs and adjustments to full restoration, custom designs, reconfiguring heirloom pieces, stone replacement and diamond recutting. We also offer quartz watch repairs, including new movements, crystals, band and batteries.

We are located at

3003 Babcock Blvd.

Pittsburgh, PA. 15237



     Tuesday - Friday   10:00 - 4:00     

 Saturday     10:00 - 2:00

*** Please Note: Saturday, April 20th is National Record Day, our neighbor, Music to My Ear will be hosting events throughout the day and parking may be limited.  You may park anywhere around the property including Troubleshooters Auto Repair.  If you need assistance, please call us 412.931.2008